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My name is John Boren.  I have been a model designer and builder since I was six years old.  I started building Comet & Guillows stick and tissue models and clearly remember bringing my Aeronca Champ wing to school for show and tell when I was in second grade.  One of my older brothers, Daniel, was into model building as well so he unknowingly exposed me to the world of model building. 

Somewhere around ten years old I got into model rockets as well.  I have been actively designing and building both model airplanes and models rockets since then.

This site contains just some of the projects I have design from scratch, built from kits or sets of plans.  If you are curious about any project on this page and would like more information, please feel free to contact me.

E-mail me at borenjohn@comcast.net  or call at [719-924-8582].


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